Model & Cirque du Soleil Star create the hottest new dating app.

After traveling the world together, International cover model Adam Newell and Cirque du Soleil star Jason Berrent have envisioned the future of online dating. The Coy App.

New York, NY, June 6th, 2016  One would think its the Silicon Valley tech nerds that start the trendiest new apps. Well, not in this case.  The revolutionary new dating app, The Coy App, was founded by International cover model Adam Newell and Cirque du Soleil star Jason Berrent. While both on a modeling contract in Southeast Asia, these two creative minds came together and developed whats said to become the hottest new dating app. One of the biggest questions is what makes The Coy App different than any other dating app?

The Coy App, a revolutionary iPhone and iPad application, has experienced great success after 1 short month of launching. The Coy App has already gained almost 2000 users and is rising fast. The Coy App has already been featured on multiple magazine covers, and has secured an invitation to the Dating App Awards. The app serves as a unique, all-inclusive video dating platform for people of all ages, sexualities and locations – including transgender people. The app aims to completely eliminate the 54% of online daters who are catfish by introducing a video feature, allowing users a glimpse into a potential partner’s personality, voice and style – a crucial part of determining chemistry and attraction with a short 10 second video.

“After traveling the world for many years and developing many personal relationships, it became apparent there was a void in the online dating community.  People aren’t talking to real people. Our goal is to ensure that you will never be cat-fished again”, says Jason Berrent, COO of The Coy App. Adam Newell, Founder and CEO followed with, “As the first video dating app to include the transgender community, one of our main goals is to be completely inclusive and create a unique platform that will allow all people, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference, to find that special someone.”

Once the initial sign-up is completed, a user can determine the kind of person they want to search for with customizable specifics including age, gender, sexuality and distance. When users find someone they like, they send their video as an introduction, and if the person is interested, they send their video in response. If there is mutual interest, then the users can chat and build a connection.

Not only do the video impressions bring a much more comfortable environment to start building lasting connections, users are able to see who they are connecting with. They can pick up hints about other’s personality, voice and style, a crucial part of determining chemistry and attraction. In the age of online dating, it's time for an upgrade. The Coy App is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded at the Apple iTunes Store.

About The Coy App 

The Coy App strives to create a unique platform for all communities to build real relationships in a safe and creative environment. Now people can confidently match with others by creating a ‘first impression’ video that best portrays their own personality, therefore eliminating catfishing and allowing the development of real relationships to be made between users. 

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